City Council Contingency Fund (CCF) Grant

Purpose of the City Council Contingency Fund

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The strength of the Chowchilla community is enhanced by a variety of community organizations and opportunities that provide a well-rounded quality of life. The City of Chowchilla encourages projects, events, and cultural opportunities that focus on the economic development, heritage, diversity, and character of the community. In support of these activities, the Chowchilla City Council established the Council Contingency Fund (CCF) that offers grants to assist eligible organizations, including municipal programs, to provide new and continuing projects, events and cultural experiences that benefit Chowchilla residents and visitors.

The City Council has the sole discretion as to how much can be distributed in a single grant, up to the limit of the funds available in the budgeted Contingency Fund. Utilizing this committed revenue source tied to projects, events and culture, the grant facilitates a beneficial economic cycle for our local businesses and at the same time benefits our residents.

Applying for a City Council Contingency Fund Grant

To apply for CCF Grant funding consideration download the CCF Grant Applicant Manual using the link below.

CCF Grant Applicant Manual (coming soon)

Review the manual thoroughly as it explains the program policies and procedures to help you determine that your project or proposal is potentially eligible for consideration. The application, request for payment and final report are also included in the manual or the documents can be downloaded using the links below.

CCF Grant Application (coming soon)

CCF Grant Request for Payment (coming soon)

CCF Grant Report (coming soon)

Once an application is submitted to the City Clerk there will be a minimum four week review period before the application is presented for consideration by the City Council at a regular council meeting. The applicant will be notified when the project/proposal will appear on the council agenda.

Questions or Concerns

Contact the City Clerk Office at 559-665-8615, ext. 112, or email the City Clerk Office with questions.