A Message from the Mayor


I wanted to take a moment before the rush of the holiday season to say how thankful I am for all who live and work within the City of Chowchilla. This year has been full of challenges and successes, but I am very proud of our City and how people have come together to help one another during yet another year of Covid. 

The City staff has been tirelessly working to obtain grants for everything from small business loans, road repairs, infrastructure, and beautification. The process and planning for improvements do take time, but I am happy to tell you things are moving along, and you should be seeing major improvements within the next couple of years. The City has also hired a new Finance Director expected to begin at the beginning of the year. 

In Economic Development news, as the environmental review process for the Rancho Calera project closes, City staff will be presenting the project to City Council for consideration soon.  The project was originally approved in 2010, but the developer decided to redesign the project to be more in line with current market trends.  The current project's commercial footprint was reduced from 50 to 30 acres, the open space or park areas were increased, but the number of proposed residential units remained the same at approximately 2,000 new residential units.  

The initial residential map is for 140 residential lots and one commercial lot.  If approved, the construction of these units would start in the summer of 2022.  The remaining 1,800 residential units are anticipated to be built out over the next several years at a pace of 180 to 225 new residential units per year, depending on market conditions and need.

As many of you have seen, Century Community has many new residential units under construction behind Savemart and Cornerstone Church.  They have started construction on 24 of the 70 units they own within this subdivision.  These homes range from 1,769 to 2,124 square feet, ranging from $396k to $426k.  The builder started pre-selling the units in late October and informed staff that they already had approximately 15 units in contract.

On November 13th, we held our last Beautify Chowchilla project, where we had volunteers finish the painting inside the Recreation Building at Edward Ray Park.  Once the new flooring is installed, the building will be back in order and ready for recreation activities and new programs for the youth of our community. A little bit of TLC goes a long way; thank you to everyone who helped with this project. 

Coming up on Saturday, December 4th, will be the annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park.  Several organizations are participating this year in hopes of making it a festive occasion for all. I hope to see you there! 

Farewell for now. Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

Diana Palmer
Mayor, City of Chowchilla