City of Chowchilla 2040 General Plan


Since the City’s incorporation in 1923, Chowchilla remains a community that values its citizens and stakeholders, its history, its way of life, and its future as a place many choose to call home. The 2040 General Plan continues this tradition by building on the strengths of previous planning efforts, staying true to the community’s values and vision, and addressing future needs in a changing world.

This plan strives to ensure the long-term viability of Chowchilla to enable the City to grow smartly while maintaining the atmosphere of a small town character with overall desirable livability.

The 2040 General Plan provides a document that focuses on providing clear, consistent, and substantive goals and policy direction to guide community members, staff, and elected officials when making decisions about the future of Chowchilla.

General Plan Elements

The original 2040 General Plan is comprised of six elements. The Housing Element is a separate document that was approved after the adoption of the 2040 General Plan. Additional documents include the plan table of contents and introduction, abbreviations used in the plan, and a glossary.

The elements establish the goals and policies relevant to land use, growth, and development for each topic. The goals and policies in each element are intended to provide a framework for municipal decision-making. Equally important, though, is the City's intention to set the goals and policies to guide and help inform the decisions of those investing in Chowchilla—residents, businesses, and organizations.

Table of Contents and Introduction




Other Documents