Programs & Activities

Fire Prevention School Program

The Chowchilla Fire Department Volunteers take pride in their annual Fire Prevention Program that is presented to local pre-school and elementary school students every October. The children learn valuable fire safety lessons and are always encouraged to share their new knowledge with their family members.

The students receive Fire Prevention gifts from the firefighters and also have a great time while learning the importance of fire prevention and safety. It's a fun time for the firefighters as well as the children. In 2000, Sparky the Fire Dog was a new addition to the Fire Prevention Program and the kids enjoy Sparky's visit every year along with their firefighter friends.

Patches and Pumper, made their debut at the October 2005 fire prevention assemblies. The remote control talking Patches and his water-spraying engine Pumper were a big hit with all the children. They were made possible by a fire safety grant obtained by the department.

Fire Prevention in the Community Program

In addition to holding assemblies about fire safety, our department sends out valuable fire prevention information from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Every October, important fire prevention fliers are sent out to all municipal utility customers. One topic that is covered annually is the installation and maintenance of live-saving smoke detectors. The department received a fire prevention grant that allows us to offer a Smoke Detector Program. Smoke detectors are available at no cost for those residents who might not otherwise be able to obtain one. Contact the Chowchilla Fire Department if you have a need for a smoke detector in your home.

The department volunteers also participate in the Chowchilla Union High School "Every 15 Minutes" program and special emergency drills. Every year volunteers shine up their fire trucks for the various community events presented around Chowchilla.