Criminal cases are first investigated by patrol officers when they respond to service calls. Successful investigations have shown the initial criminal investigation by patrol officers contains the most physical and informational evidence needed to solve a case and to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The Chowchilla Police Department encourages our patrol officers to actively pursue criminal cases at the onset of the crime. A patrol officer dispatched to the scene of a crime will take the initial report and will follow up on the information and leads to expedite solving the case. Follow up investigations will require police officers to interview the victim, witness, suspect, and collect evidence to forward to the County District Attorney.

If you are involved in an investigations case, you are encouraged to contact the responding officer handling your case since that officer would be most familiar with your case.

Assisting in Solving a Crime

If you have information that will help the Chowchilla Police Department solve a crime, please call the department at 559-665-8600. If you have knowledge of a crime, your information will be kept with the strictest confidentiality. If you wish to remain anonymous, call our 24-hour, 7 day-a-week Anonymous Tip Line at 559-665-8624.